July 11, 2020
Customer Testimonials

Let Custom Tax Services´┐Ż clients speak for themselves about the type of service they received:

"I highly recommend Elizabeth Workman of Custom Tax Services. She did my rather complex taxes last year and will be doing the even more complicated forms this year. I have never received such a complete review of our tax situation as Liz gave me last year, along with smart recommendations for this year at a great price. Contact her at www.customtaxservices.com .. Further, her office is in our neighborhood which is very nice."

Pat D. from Eagle Creek

"She is a great help for filing my tax. FAST and ACCURATE"

Mina L. from Hunters Run

"Last year was my first experience and i found her very thorough, offers great advice, for example how to maximize deductions as well as other helpful hints. She takes the time to make sure you understand your taxes"

Stacy R. from Yates Mill

"Liz has been doing me and my spouse taxes for the past 5 years and we've had no issues at all. She is a former employee of the IRS so you can be sure she is a trained eye. She gets us maximum refund each year, and she makes sure nothing comes back to bite us. I will certainly recommend liz."

Alphonso S. from Hanover Pointe

"Need tax help? At a great price? My friend has wonderful tax service and would be glad to help! "

Julie H. from Whitehart

"Liz was able to not only get us more of a tax return, but she went back into our taxes and got us some deductables that we should have claimed and got us more money from our past years! She does our personal and our two company taxes. We will stick with her for a long time. Thanks Liz!"

Dale and Jinny Nicholson (Nicx Designs) - Salt Lake City, Utah.

"I received a flyer on my door and called Elizabeth. She was able to see me within 48 hours of my call and worked very quickly to get my taxes prepared. She also was able to save me 1000's of dollars with various write-offs that would normally be overlooked. I would highly recommend using Custom Tax Services and will continue to use Elizabeth's services for my future tax needs."

Jenna Bailey - Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Elizabeth is a brilliant tax accountant. She provides excellent service. She does my taxes every year. Elizabeth is a very easy person to work with and is very prompt to answer any questions I may have. I know she runs them every way she possibly can to maximize my return. Thank you Elizabeth."

Ryan - Tonya Durham. Riverton, UT

"I have been to H & R block and done the Turbo taxes for many years and I have not had a return like the return Liz got me. She told me the things I can write off and what I need to keep a hold of for tax time. I would defiantly recommend her!"

Dayna - Dustin Kinzel. West Jordan, UT