October 31, 2020
Our Services

$150 per personal return, $250 for Personal/Small business/Rental (Sch C, E) $300 Per Trust, Estate, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp

Competitive Rates on preparation and filing of your taxes.

Flat Fee for individual tax preparation regardless of itemization or regular return.

No charge for additonal W2's.

Preparation and Filing of previous years taxes.

Ntionwide Tax Preparation, For ALL States

Audit of previous years tax perparation.

Tax Preparation for previous years.

Hours of operation that fit your schedule.

Individualized service to ensure your taxes are prepared in a way that will be of the best benefit to you.

Tax advice and consultation.

Guarantee of service if you get audited by the IRS.

Year round tax preparation and services.

I use software that is up-to-date with all the new tax laws to ensure accurate filing and preparation of your tax return.